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„Its the best...... Thank god your finally here“
★★★★★ Best fish and chips in Prague. And this is coming from a Brit!
Great food, maybe even better than in London;)
Home away from home! Excellent fish & chips - thanks.
very authentic !… great taste… recommended !
Fantastic and very authentic. Mushy peas perfect! Curry sauce bang on. And all for a great price!
„I recommend this place 100%. Thank you!“
Reminds me of a real chippy in England! So nomz, great hangover cure too :)
Čerstvé, chutné s domácími hranolkami a za lidovou cenu! Prostě konečně PRAVÝ a výborný fish&chips v praze, který si na nic nehraje !
Another great lunch, have had the haddock and cod, absolutely fantastic. My father was in today and hasn't had Fish and Chips for two years. Also said it was fantastic and we can not wait till next week for another portion.

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V ulici Myslíkova 18 v Praze,
u stanice tram Myslíkova

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Otevřeno po-ne 10.30-21.30
Tel: 222 519 986
Myslíkova 1698/18,
Praha, 120 00


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